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Complete Bird Dog & Companion Dog Training

We will work with you to lay out a suitable training program designed for your dog to meet your expectations.

Puppies are accepted as early as 6 months old and will be given basic gun dog obedience commands such as "whoa" and "here". Along with developing their association skills for birds by sight, scent, and gun fire, we will also work with them to develop their pointing and retrieving abilities. This will get the pups ready for their first bird hunting season.

After a season of bird hunting and gaining practical experience in the field, the second phase of their training begins. At this point, while at the kennel, the dogs will develop advanced skills including steadiness on point, backing and retrieving.

Covey Find Kennel will also correct particular problems that the typical bird hunter may be experiencing with his or her dog, such as reluctance to honor, hold point, or even gun shy tendencies.

We are not limited to strictly pointing dogs, we also offer retriever training for both waterfowl and upland hunting. Retriever puppies will go through the same basic training as mentioned above.

Second year retrievers will under go more extensive training that includes both water work and upland discipline.

Companion Dogs
We also offer obedience training for all dogs to make them suitable pets. Training can be done at our facility by us or through private lessons or obedience school. All dogs benefit from basic obedience training, to prevent common behavior problems.

Although Covey Find Kennel will professionally train your bird dog, it is very important that you, the owner, also receive education on the proper way to handle the dog at the time the dog leaves the kennel. Many dog owners expect their newly trained dog to be nearly "robotic" without requiring additional discipline or corrections in the field. Your dog is a mind-possessing, living, breathing animal. Dogs and handlers must be a team and this requires mutual rapport and the education of both. Even the most complex machines, such as computers, require an operator with knowledge. It's no different with animals. Dogs are usually only as good as their handlers. That's why we make it a point that you know exactly how to handle and correct the dog in the field before it leaves the kennel. This is included in the price of the training. Should you have any questions or your dog develop any problems after leaving the kennel, we will always be here for you.

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